Proceedings of the Second Japan-China Seminar on Solar Physics
1993 July 6-8, Sagamihara

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
under the International Scientific Research Program Grant No. 04044170 (T.Hirayama)

edited by T. Sakurai, T. Hirayama, and G. Ai

National Astronomial Observatory of Japan, Mitaka, Tokyo 181
March, 1994

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Table of Contents

Preface i
Group Photo viii
Session 1: Observatory Reports
Solar Observations of Purple Mountain Observatory
J. You 1
Solar Observation Instruments at Yunnan Observatory
B. Zhang, Y. Ding, and R. Li 6
Solar Optical Instruments at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
T. Sakurai 11
Hida Observatory of Kyoto University
H. Kurokawa 17
H-alpha Telescope in Hiraiso and Future Plan
M. Akioka 22
The Development of Imaging Spectrograph in the Solar Tower of Nanjing University
Y.R. Huang, C. Fang, Z.G. Zhu, Y.Z. Xue, and X.F. Gao 28
Session 2: General Topics
Microwave, H$\alpha$ and Hard X-Ray Observations of the 1992 June 26 C7.3 Solar Flare
H. Wang 33
Fe XXV Temperatures in Flares Determined from the Yohkoh BCS Experiment
A.C. Sterling 37
Time Development of an X-Class Flare on 1992 June 28
H. Nakajima, S. Enome, K. Shibasaki, M. Nishio, T. Takano, Y. Hanaoka, C. Torii, Y. Shiomi, H. Sekiguchi, T. Bushimata, S. Kawashima, N. Shinohara, Y. Irimajiri, H. Koshiishi, and Y.S. Choi 40
Changes of Vector Magnetic Field during Powerful Flares in Active Region NOAA 6659 on June 6, 1991
H. Zhang 42
The Development of Magnetic Shear
Jingxiu Wang 48
Recent Classifications of Solar Flares
Jialong Wang 54
A Peak-to-Peak Correlation between Spikes and X-Ray Bursts during Type IV Bursts
Z. Xia 59
Energy Distribution of Energetic Electrons in the Source of an Especially Great Radio Microwave Burst
R. Zhao 65
Emission Mechanism of a Specific Solar Radio Microwave Burst
R. Zhao 70
The Frequency Drift in Spike Radiation Observed on May 10, 1991
R. Zhao, S. Jin, and Q. Qi 76
A Brief Analysis of Microwave FS Events Observed by BAO in 1991
Q. Fu and B. Zhao 81
The Features of Spikes Received at 2545 and 2645 MHz Frequencies
S. Jin and X. Li 87
The Reversion of Polarization Sense of Spikes Observed on May 16, 1991
S. Jin, R. Zhao, X. Li, and Q. Qi 93
The Analysis of Solar Data at 2.84 GHz on May 16, 1991
L. Zheng and Y. Liu 97
Diagnostics of Non-Thermal Processes in Chromospheric Flares: I. H&\alpha; and Ca II K-Line Profiles of an Atmosphere Bombarded by Hecta keV Electrons
C. Fang, J.C. Henoux, and W.Q. Gan 102
Diagnostics of Non-Thermal Processes in Chromospheric Flares: II. H&\alpha; and Ca II K-Line Profiles of an Atmosphere Bombarded by Hecta keV Protons
J.C. Henoux, C. Fang, and W.Q. Gan 103
Stability of Lundquist Field and Prominence Exposing Helical-Like Patterns
A. Xu, G. Wu, and Heqi Zhang 104
Development of the Fast Reconnection Mechanism in a Sheared Field
M. Ugai 110
Constructional Design of the Nine Channel Lyot Filter
T. Li, Y. Chu, L. Zhu, and H. Lu 116
High Resolution Image Recovery by Speckle Interference Method in Huairou's 60cm Telescope
Y. Deng, G. Ai, and B. Zhang 122
Some Schemes of Space Solar Telescope
G. Ai 128
Session 3: NOAA 7321
Coordinated Observations of Solar Active Regions (NOAA 7260, 7270 and 7321) at Beijing Astronomical Observatory
G. Ai, Hongqi Zhang, Q. Fu, and Jialong Wang 135
Observational Results of an Active Region (NOAA 7321) on October-November, 1992
Hongqi Zhang, G. Ai, and T. Wang 141
Observations of the Magnetic Field Structure in NOAA 7321 Using the Solar Flare Telescope
S. Kawakami 147
Optical and X-Ray Observations of the X9 Flare on 2nd Nov. 1992
K. Ichimoto, T. Sakurai, Flare Telescope and Norikura Teams 151
Hard X-ray Images at the Flare on 1992 October 27
T. Takakura 157
Evolution of Radio Features in a Flare Productuve Active Region NOAA 7321
M. Nishio, T. Takakura, S. Enome, H. Nakajima, K. Shibasaki, T. Takano, Y. Hanaoka, Y.S. Choi, and H. Koshiishi 161
Hα and Soft X-Ray Activities in NOAA 7321 Region during 26--28 October, 1992
Y. Suematsu and N. Tanaka 165
Session 4: NOAA 7260
An Overview of Active Region 7260
J. You 169
A purely Polarized Radio Source Associated with NOAA 7260
K. Shibasaki, S. Enome, H. Nakajima, M. Nishio, T. Takano, Y. Hanaoka, C. Torii, H. Sekiguchi, S. Kawashima, T. Bushimata, N. Shinohara, H. Koshiishi, and Y. Shiomi 175
A Flare of 1992 Aug.17 23:58 UT
M. Takahashi, J.I. Sakai, T. Watanabe, T. Sakao, T. Kosugi, T. Sakurai, S. Enome, S. Tsuneta, N. Nitta, H.S. Hudson, and S. Hashimoto 176
Hard X-ray Images at the Flare on 1992 August 17
T. Takakura 182
The Numerical Analysis on Characteristics of Plasma Temperature Variation about the Aug. 17, 25:58UT, 1992 Flare
J. Zhao, J.I. Sakai, and B. Chargeishvili 187
Active Region Transient Brightenings in NOAA 7260
T. Shimizu 193
X-ray Activity in Coronal Loops and Its Photospheric/Chromospheric Counterparts
T. Sakurai, K. Shibata, K. Ichimoto, and M. Takata 198
Session 5: NOAA 7270
NOAA 7270: A Brief Report of Observations
M. Wu 203
Emerging Flux Regions and Surge Activities in NOAA 7270
H. Kurokawa, R. Kitai, Y. Funakoshi, Y. Nakai, K. Ichimoto, K. Shibata, and Hongqi Zhang 209
Flares on September 6, 1992
R. Kitai, H. Kurokawa, Y. Funakoshi, Y. Nakai, K. Shibata, K. Yaji, N. Nitta, and Yohkoh Team and NOAJ Flare Telescope Team 215
Flares on Sept.6, 1992 in NOAA 7270: SXT Observations and Comparison with H-Alpha and HXT Observations
K. Shibata, N. Nitta, R. Kitai, H. Kurokawa, K. Yaji, T. Sakurai, and Hongqi Zhang 220
Flares in the Region NOAA 7270 Observed with the Nobeyama Radioheliograph
Y. Hanaoka 226
Meterwave Solar Radio Emission from NOAA 7260
S. Watari, T. Isobe, and Yohkoh SXT Team 230
BCS Spectra from Flares on 6th September 1992
T. Kato, T. Fujiwara, and Yohkoh BCS Group 236
Epilogue: A Poem by Jingxiu Wang 241
List of Participants 243