The Fifth Solar-B Science Meeting, dedicated to the memory of Y.Uchida, took place in the period of November 12-14, 2003, at The International House of Japan, Roppongi, Tokyo. Solar-B, the successor of Yohkoh (Solar-A) mission, is being developed at ISAS and NAO, Japan, in cooperation with NASA, PPARC and ESA. The main instruments are a 50cm-diameter optical telescope (SOT) with a focal plane package (FPP), a grazing-incidence soft X-ray telescope (XRT), and an EUV imaging spectrograph (EIS). The launch is planned to be 2006 summer. This meeting is the 5th in the series of Solar-B science meetings. It commemorated Yutaka Uchida who passed away last August, and we honor the role he played in making the Solar-B project a reality. This meeting has emphasized basic scientific topics rather than instrumentation, and participation from the entire solar community was strongly encouraged.

Scientific Organizing Committee:
T. Sakurai (chair), L.W. Acton, J.L. Culhane, L. Golub, V. Hansteen, H.S. Hudson, T. Kosugi, T. Sekii, K. Shibata, K. Shibasaki, A.M. Title, S. Tsuneta, T. Watanabe
Local Organizing Committee:
T. Sekii (chair), M. Kubo, J. Kuwabara, Y. Sakamoto, T. Sakurai, T. Shimizu

List of invited speakers:
H. Aurass (AI Potsdam)
T. Berger (LMATC)
M. Carlsson (ITA Oslo)
M. Dikpati (HAO)
Y. Fan (HAO)
P. Gallagher (NASA/GSFC)
S. Kosovichev (Stanford U.)
K. Kusano (Hiroshima U.)
V.M. Nakariakov (U.Warwick)
A. Nordlund (U.Copenhagen)
J. Sanchez Almeida (IAC)
J. Singh (IIAP)
K. Shibata (Kyoto U.)
S.K. Solanki (MPI Aeronomy)
G. Vekstein (UMIST, NAOJ)
J. Wang (NAOC)
A. Zhukov (Royal Obs. Belgium)

The abstract booklet distributed at the registration desk included;
Final Program (pdf)
List of Participants (text, pdf)
Abstract of Papers (pdf)
Solar-B Instrument Overview (pdf): SOT, XRT, EIS

Collection of material used in the oral presentations (access restricted to the meeting participants)

The proceedings will be published from the Astronomocal Society of the Pacific as the ASP Conference Series. The page limits are:
    10 pages for a 30 min review,
     8 pages for 20 min talk,
     6 pages for 10 min talk and poster paper.
The authors are requested to submit the manuscript by the end of January 2004. An internal review process will be carried out.
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Status of the Proceedings (access restricted to the meeting participants)

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